Single Origin Sidamo Coffee Beans 250g


Single Origin Sidamo Coffee Beans

Deep in the mountainous forests of the Sidamo region lies the origin of coffee, where farmers still harvest and process the beans the same way as for the past hundreds of years. At altitudes of 2000m, the coffee trees mature slowly developing robust and complex flavours.

Ingredients: 100% Speciality Arabica Coffee Beans

Pack size: 250g

Lovegrass Ethiopia is a brand dedicated to the promotion of Ethiopia’s indigenous produce and helping preserve an ancient tradition and the forest they depend on. Working closely with local farmers and cooperatives we bring to market traceable, high quality speciality coffee with a flavours depicting its true origin.

When drinking our coffee we want you to celebrate an age old tradition, with the comfort that you are doing your bit to preserve the ancient wild forests of Ethiopia and the future of the world’s coffee bio diversity.

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