About Teff

About Teff



Teff, also known as 'Eragrostis Tef' or 'Williams Lovegrass' is a tiny grass seed native to Ethiopia.

Teff was domesticated between 6000 and 4000 BC making it one of the world's most ancient cultivated crops; a distinction that speaks volumes of its qualities as a source of sustenance.

Among Ethiopians and Eritreans, teff flour has been used across thousands of years to make 'Injera'; a flat sourdough bread with a spongy texture, ifs eaten every day topped with fragrant stews and sauces. What makes teff special are its outstanding nutritional qualities. it is not only naturally gluten free but also an excellent source of prebiotic fibre, complex, slow-releasing carbohydrates and eight different amino acids, Teff seeds are high in iron, magnesium, manganese, calcium and zinc, contain an impressive arsenal of B vitamins 82. 83, 86) and unlike other grains or cereals offer significant amount of vitamin C.

World-class athletes know these benefits, embrace them and endorse them. Many of Ethiopia's elite runners have attributed their physical abilities to teff including Haile Gebrselassie (who set 27 world records in his career; from BOCsmeters to the full marathon), Kenenisa Bekele (world record holder in the 5,000 and 1 0.000-meter events) and Tirunesh Dibaba (Outdoor 5.000-meter world record holder).

An outstanding combination of natural nutrients that promote endurance, performance and overall good health elevates teff above other grains, giving it 'super-food' status.

Teff's taste is delicate with a deliciously nutty undertone, its flavour is less prominent than other gluten free foods such as buckwheat or Ewen quinoa, making it easy to incorporate into everyday diet. Ground into flour it is an excellent substitute for wheat or other gluten free flours. the whole grains can be eaten cooked into porridge or boiled and served in a similar way to rice or quinoa.

We source all our teff directly from small hold Ethiopian farmers and the original communities that have farmed it for thousands of years.


For Muscle Development

  • Teff is a great source of easily digestible protein (holds a cellular structure and protein content similar to egg-whites, but because it is vegetable-based, digestion happens easier).
  • Provides eight different amino acids that when combined with teff proteins, creates a great blend of nutrients perfect for muscle-building and recovery.
  • Teff is also a good source of copper which energizes the body and helps heal muscles, joints and tissue fibre

For Your Gut

  • Teff is life-changing in how it can relieve inflammation, constipation, bloating, cramping and other serious gastrointestinal issues as claimed by people suffering from IBS.
  • The huge amount of prebiotic fibre contained in teff stimulates the growth of good gut bacteria and supports colon health.

For Your Immune System

  • Most grains provide minerals, but the concentration in teff is exceptional with large quantities of essential minerals such magnesium, calcium and zinc being found in it.
  • An excellent source of B vitamins, teff is also the only known grain or cereal to offer equally significant amounts of Vitamin C.
  • This source is useful to find out more information about teff’s health benefits; The Seed of Our Change - Teff. – The Happy Tummy Co.

For Circulation

  • The high levels of iron in teff support your body’s ability to produce haemoglobin which is vital for the oxygenation of your heart and other organs.
  • The iron content in teff can also help reduce dizziness, potential for cognitive impairment, muscle cramps and headaches.
  • Due to its high iron content, teff can be beneficial to people suffering from anaemia.

For Your Bones

  • Teff provides a great concentration of calcium and manganese, critical for both development and maintenance.

A Gluten Free Nutritional Powerhouse

Teff is a tiny but mighty Super Grain!


Key Facts And Nutritional Benefits

  • HIgh in Protein, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Copper
  • Not only a source of B vitamins, Teff is the only grain known to contain significant amounts of vitamin C
  • Teff is high in probiotic fibre (a key benefit for IBS sufferers)
  • Whole grain, with high resistant starch (low GI)
  • And of course Teff is naturally Gluten Free

The Story of Teff

  • Teff, also known as ‘Eragrostis Tef’ or ‘Williams Lovegrass’ is an annual grass native to Ethiopia
  • It is the smallest and possibly the most ancient of all domesticated grains having originated in Ethiopia between 4000 BC and 1000 BC
  • For thousands of years the Ethiopian people have used Teff as the main ingredient of the staple food Injera
  • To this day Ethiopia is the only country that is home to hundreds of unique varieties of Teff seed

What does teff taste like?

Nutritionally, there is little difference between white and brown teff. However, each has a slightly different flavour. White teff is known for its mild taste and delicate texture, making it a perfect substitute for oatmeal or lighter meals. Brown teff on the other hand, has a more earthy and nutty flavour.

Regardless of which Habesha Teff you choose - the nutritional benefits are outstanding.



Teff Grain


LOVEGRASS TEFF PASTA NORMAL PASTA (Popular brand used for comparison)
350kcal Energy 159kcal
8.3g Fibre 1.4g
8.9g Protein 5.2g
<0.01g Salt <0.01g
11mg Iron -
180mg Magnesium -
1.4mg Manganese -
478mg Potassium -
180 mg CALCIUM 3 mg
7.63 mg IRON 0.56 mg
9.24 mg MANGANESE 0.974 mg
0.81 mg COPPER 0.106 mg
3.63 mg ZINC 0.71 mg
8 mg FIBER 1.6 mg
427 mg POTASSIUM 86 mg
184 mg MAGNESIUM 39 mg
429 mg PHOSPHORUS 103 mg
(Popular brand used for comparison)
526kcal Energy 378kcal
26g Fibre 3.0g
15g Protein 7.0g
0.06g Salt 1.1g
38mg Iron -
165mg Magnesium -
148mg Calcium -



  • Teff has been grown in Ethiopia for thousands of years, and as a result, the grain has evolved to become the most nutritious and flavoursome of its kind.
  • Ethiopia grows an impressive number of teff varieties (over 300), giving us the choicest picks for our products.
  • Nowhere in the world does teff grow as well as it does in Ethiopia. Less suitable climatic conditions often make teff from other countries less tasty and versatile.
  • Ethiopian farmers honed their trade to perfection. Therefore, it is right and just that they have an opportunity to benefit from the popularisation of teff.
  • Lovegrass Ethiopia teff is NOT GMO.


  • Lovegrass Ethiopia is an Ethiopian, Black-owned business with a strong, consistent social mission at its core.
  • By working with us, you support thousands of small-hold Ethiopian farmers. To back this claim, we provide complete traceability from ‘field to plate’.
  • Our brand-new Ethiopian manufacturing facility ensures a consistently high standard output at large volume.


  • Our retail-friendly range of products not only offer the nutritional benefits of teff, but are also easy to incorporate into your everyday diet.
  • All of our products are made from simple, clean ingredients. We don’t use or add anything that we wouldn’t eat ourselves!
  • Lovegrass Ethiopia has an exciting journey mapped out with more products ready to hit the shelves in revolutionizing not just the health-food market, but food and nourishment in general!

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