The Lovegrass

What is Teff?

A native of Ethiopia, Teff is the smallest and possibly the most ancient of all grains. A nutritional powerhouse, it is packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein and prebiotics (which your gut will love).

Throughout Ethiopia each village grows its own unique variety of Teff seed – keeping a natural diversity unparalleled to any other crop in the world. A labour of love, it is still harvested using ox-plough, a tradition unchanged for thousands of years.

Lovegrass Ethiopia is on a mission to share the benefits and the uniqueness of Ethiopian Teff with the world and in so doing open a fair market and tell the story of the traditional farmer.

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Naturally Gluten Free

Contains Pre-biotics

Low GI Carbohydrate

Source of Protein, Calcium and Iron

Contains all essential Amino Acids

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Teff Breakfast Cookies

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Our Mission

We strive to trade and prosper in a food market that is fair. Where the age-old traditions of the farmer and their crops have high value, their stories are told, and their dignity and hope are earned through fair trade, not aid. One which is gentle to nature, every transaction makes the world a healthier place. We invite you to join us in this market.

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