White Teff Flour 500g

White Teff Flour 500g

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Use Lovegrass Teff Flour in place of conventional flour to bake cakes, muffins, flat-breads, or to thicken sauces. Pack size 500g.


Teff Flour can be used in a variety of sweet and savoury recipes. A nutritional powerhouse, Teff is packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, prebiotics (which your gut will love!). The smallest of all the grains but a nutritional giant! Use Teff Flour to bake cakes, breakfast muffins, flat-breads, or thicken sauces.

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1 review for White Teff Flour 500g

  1. 5 out of 5

    Marika Mlinsek (verified owner)

    This white teff flour is exquisite and it has literally changed my life! I use it to make vegan gluten-free bread, pancakes and muffins. The pancakes are probably my favourite and they are so simple to make. I simply mix teff flour with tapioca flour or arrowroot flour in a ratio of 2:1, add oat milk and a little salt and fry them in a little coconut oil. Simply divine! Not all teff flours are created equal. This one really is very special, not only because of its amazing taste but also due to its iron content! I used to be anaemic and had to take iron supplements but since I discovered this teff flour, I no longer need to take iron! Once when I was abroad, I purchased teff flour from a brand that grows its teff in Europe and it was practically inedible and not a patch on this one!

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